1. Domains and domain dynamics
  2. Topological structures and domain boundary engineering
  3. Interfacial properties
  4. Theory and modeling
  5. Thin films, multilayers and heterostructures
  6. Crystallography and structural phase transitions
  7. Ferroelectricity at the atomic scale
  8. First principle and DFT
  9. Quantum effects and critical phenomena
  10. Magnetoelectric and multiferroic materials
  11. Advances in ab-initio calculations and experimental methods
  12. Machine learning
  13. Electro/magneto/mechano-caloric effects
  14. Flexoelectricity and strain effects
  15. Integration, devices and novel technologies
  16. Light-induced phenomena and Raman spectroscopy
  17. Defects, disorder and relaxors
  18. Electronic structure and optical properties
  19. Hafnia, memristivity, antiferroelectrics and negative capacitance
  20. Piezoelectricity, pyroelectricity and dielectric properties
  21. Bio, polymers and novel ferroelectric, and polar materials
  22. Photovoltaic perovskite ferroics
  23. Jim Scott Memorial Session
  24. Vaclav Janovec Memorial Session